Housing Wellbeing: An Introduction

Housing Wellbeing: An Introduction

Over the decades, researchers have established well-defined ranges of comfort with respect to temperature and light, air quality and acoustics to help practitioners design comfortable buildings. Yet wellbeing in a holistic sense cannot be prescribed in this way, as it depends on numerous individual factors. Bernd Wegener and Moritz Fedkenheuer follow a different approach: The Housing Wellbeing Inventory is a tool to evaluate and quantify wellbeing at home, based on the residents’ perceptions and reactions.

In ihrem Beitrag “Housing Well-being: an Introduction” beschreiben Bernd Wegener und Moritz Fedkenheuer in Daylight & Architecture (Spring 2015, Nr. 23) ein Instrument zur Messung des Wohlbefindens beim Wohnen.

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